Tell apache to use mongrel cluster

i have successfully deployed my app and the mongrel cluster is running
… the problem i have no is that i cannot access the app via a browser
… it always shows me the start page of apache …
how do i say it should use the mongrel cluster instead?

thanks for any help…
greetings from vienna

Hi Michal,
You need to configure proxy balancer and the appropriate rewrite rules.

This blog post is one of the best sources for that information.


john thanks for the reply …
is the balancer a must? because i did follow everything which is
mentioned in the agile development book and they dont talk about the

many many thanks … it worked with this nice blog entry.
john you were right its a good one …

The balancer isn’t completely necessary. You can use the ProxyPass or
ProxyReverse (I don’t recall the exact config settings right now) to
all the requests to a single mongrel instance. However, this setup
really do well in a production environment - you’ll want a balancer and
mongrel_cluster eventually.


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