TechnoConcepts TC-RX1000 press release


Looks like a bit of a preannouncement, but if it’ll do what they say,
it’ll be a neat part.


New Chip by TechnoConcepts to outperform Current Industry Standards

Production Deliveries to begin in 1Q2007

Van Nuys, CA, Tuesday May 16, 2006 – TechnoConcepts (OTCBB:TCPS)
today announced that preliminary performance simulations indicate its
True Software Radio TC-RX1000 RF-to-Digital receiver chip will
exceed the highest performance available on the market today, for a
fully software-programmable RF/D front-end receiver continuously
operating over frequencies from 450MHz to 6GHz.

Preliminary results were obtained using the Agilent Advanced Design
System (ADS). This industry-standard circuit level simulation
validates that TechnoConceptsâ?? design exceeds the technical targets
set by its strategic partners and industry requests for high
performance, with a Signal to Noise plus Distortion Ratio (SDNR) of
80dB at 5MHz bandwidth and at a Conversion Rate of 6 GSPS (Giga
Samples per Second). TechnoConceptsâ?? new chip will support both
cellular base stations and certain handset applications.

The TC-RX1000 chip will be programmable for multiple modes, including
family radio, emergency, shortwave, all cellular protocols
(GSM/CDMA/EDGE/3G), and GPS, because it can operate continuously
across a wide range of frequencies. TechnoConceptsâ?? True Software
Radio chip receives the RF signal at the antenna and directly
converts it to digital data, ready for baseband processing, replacing
all active and passive components usually associated with a
conventional RF front-end receiver, including the superheterodyne
analog receiver, the IF analog processing section, and the A/D
converter section.

The Company is integrating its exclusive True Software Radio
technology into Jazz Semiconductorâ??s 0.18 micron Silicon Germanium
(SiGe) process. The TC-RX1000 chip is expected to come in an 88-Pin
MLF Package with a compact 10mm x 10mm footprint. The Company
anticipates delivering chip samples to its strategic partners as early
as the fourth quarter of this year, with full scale production units
anticipated to begin shipping in the first quarter of 2007.

Preannouncement is an understatement. They have an ADS simulation that
works… I could put that together in a couple of days.

Now, of course, you could have a pretty detailed simulation in ADS, if
you were so inclined. However, there’s a lot of work between a ADS
simulation and a working part.