Techlive - IT War Room in The Cloud

In order to serve community, we have built a cloud application using
Ruby & Java that is intended to help IT folks who make a living on
managing and resolving problems. It’s a virtual War Room for IT
troubleshooting. We would love to have some feedback from users in
specialist group like this. Currently it’s free, and it’s
There are video tutorials and full documentation, and it is quite
straightforward to use. Please enjoy, and let us know if we can do
better to serve this community.

This is a pretty cool system… I wonder if it would be possible to
with Bug/Issues from other other systems… Maybe, make an API that would
me connect my own Bug Tracking system to this system?

Some really cool ideas here (not necessarily original, but that doesn’t
matter… you don’t have to be first, just better)… I’ll be watching
application… (:

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Joshua S. Martin

Hi Joshua, thanks for the kind words.

What kind of bug tracking system do you use? Let me know and perhaps
we can give you an api or something easy to build to let you
“escalate” problems to the TechLive queue for a war room session!

Will do what we can. Have been using a lot of community stuff to build
this and it’s time to pay back, :sunglasses:

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