Tar2RubyScript 0.4.7


I just released Tar2RubyScript 0.4.7.

Tar2RubyScript transforms a directory tree, containing your
application, into one single Ruby script, along with some code
to handle this archive. This script can be distributed to our
friends. When they’ve installed Ruby, they just have to double
click on it and your application is up and running!

So, it’s a way of executing your application, not of installing
it. You might think of it as the Ruby version of Java’s JAR…
Let’s call it an RBA (Ruby Archive).

“It’s Ruby’s JAR…”

More information and download on:

Erik V. - http://www.erikveen.dds.nl/


  • Fixed a bug concerning looping symlinks.

  • Fixed a bug concerning Too many open files.

  • Added support for hard links and symbolic links (not on