TAPOUT v0.4.0 released

TAPOUT 0.4.0 has been released.

Tapout is a TAP consumer that can take any TAP, TAP-Y or TAP-J stream
and output it in a variety of useful formats.

TAP-Y/J spec now supports stdout and stderr fields. This allows test
frameworks to capture stdout and stderr while running tests and pipe
them through with the TAP stream, which tapout can then include in the
test report output. This release also brings a great deal of improvement
to test reports in general, from better time stats to much improved
backtrace output.


  • Rename namespace to Tapout, instead of TapOut.
  • Add support for stdout and stderr fields to spec.
  • Add common config for all reporters.
  • Add common code snippet functionality to all reporters.
  • Add markdown reporter.