Tap Out

I’m pretty psyched about a new tool I just release called “Tap Out”.
Tap Out is a test output formatter, kind of like Turn. But Tap Out is
unique is a number of ways. The most significant is that Tap Out only
consumes TAP-Y/J formatted input. TAP-Y/J (a shorthand for TAP-Y/TAP-
J) is is a modernization of TAP, the Test Anything Protocol, which I
created specifically for Tap Out.

If you are currently using MiniTest, the test framework that is
distributed with Ruby 1.9+, it’s really easy to take advantage of Tap
Out via the MiniTap plugin. Just do this:

$ gem install minitap

Then add this to your test helper script:

require 'minitap'
MiniTest::Unit.runner = MiniTest::TapY.new

Now when you run your tests, TAP-Y will be the output format. All you
have to do then is pipe that through the tapout command, e.g.

$ rake -s test | tapout

To use a different tapout reporter pass the name of it as an argument
to tapout.

$ rake -s test | tapout progressbar

That’s the crux of it. You can learn more by checking out the website
(http://rubyworks.github.com/tapout) and follow other links form

Tap Out is a very new project, currently at v0.2.3, and there’s still
a bit of elbow grease to be put into it before it’s up to the level of
Turn, for instance. But I am very proud of the general design, so I
hope others find it pretty cool too, and will give me a shout if any
problems arise or have any ideas for improvement.