Talented developer avail for Rails $25/hr Boston area or any

I am a talented software engineer with a BS in computer science and
15+ years development experience. I have Mainly C++, Perl, some Java,
and 8 months of Rails experience. I have done some Javascript, CSS, and
HTML. I do not have alot of websites I can point to on my resume, 1 so
far really. I have done alot of Rails work on my own project, which is
not completed nor is it online and it had alot of backend logic so it’s
hard for me to highlight it as relevant experience to employers. I am
interested in getting more experience for hosted sites, thus I am
willing to work for $25/hr for Rails based website work. I may
consider slightly less for short term projects (1 week or less).

I may not check this email all the time, so possibly leave a post here
if you sent me an email alerting me to check it. This will aid in a
timely response as I don’t want to leave an email address in a
newsgroup so as to avoid spam etc.