Tag patch problem

i am tring the tag patch found at this url:
I have some problems:

  1. patching fails at this file: saving rejects to file
  2. patch create a table called ‘tags_pages’ while code needs
  3. if i renate DB table code works but when i delete a page I obtain:

SystemStackError in Admin/pageController#remove
stack level too deep

(eval):4:in destroy_without_habtm_shim_for_tags' (eval):4:indestroy_without_habtm_shim_for_tags’
(eval):4:in destroy_without_callbacks' #{RAILS_ROOT}/app/controllers/admin/page_controller.rb:37:inremove’

what’s wrong?

I did following steps:
a) patch -p0 < tagging_support_4.patch
b) rake db:migrate
c) run

thank you

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