Tag clouds

Is there anyway to import TAGCLOUDS in a Ruby on Rails application
without using PLUGINS? If it is so, please help me!

Thanks in Advance,

Is there any way? Of course. You can write the code yourself to
handle the recording of tags, the storage and assignment of tags, the
counting and ranking of tags, and the styling to create a tag cloud,
along with all the associated db migrations, helper methods, etc.

Or you could use the code of someone who has already done this
themselves and install the plugin.

If you can’t install the plugin for security reasons or something, you
could copy and paste the code from the plug in into your application

Why would you not want to use the plugin?


Oh Thank you Mr.Andrew ! As you said correctly, I am not able to install
the plugin for some security reasons. I am at the very beginning stage
of using rails and so only I asked that question.Thank you very much for
you Guidance.


Moreover, Even if I want to install gems, it is showing lot of errors.
Can you explain me the step by step procedure to install gems which
will be helpful for importing tag clouds in my application?
Thanks in advance

I guess in order to help you, we’d need to know what you have tried so
far. For me, it was as simple as going to the GitHub repository and
following the instructions they give when clicking on the little ruby.

What have you tried?