Tables and Ids how to Hide

Hi All,

In most of the rails code I have seen the rows of a specific table are
listed with each row typically having delete and edit links with the ID
associated for further action.

I would like to hide the id from the user. Typically users are not
interested in the ID and taking up screen real estate for an ID is not a
good option for me. Also having a seperate delete link doesn’t allow for
the deletion of multiple user selected records.

My plan is to dynamically write hidden fields to a div based on row
selections by the user. The params would be processed by the controller
code in include the hidden fields.

Does this approach seem to make sense? Are there better approaches?

Seems to me others would be interested in this type of functionality.

Help is appreciated,

Yes, use hidden fields. eg. <%= hidden_field “person”, “id” %>

On Mar 12, 3:34 pm, Rick F. [email protected]