Tabbed Navigation

Went back and forth a bit trying to find out the easiest way to do this.
Found a plugin but it didn’t seem very stable/well written.

This is what I have going right now:

  • if @content_for_recipe_editor_tabs
    = yield :recipe_editor_tabs
  • else
    = tabbed_navigator(RecipesController.send “edit_tabs”)

If any templates/sub-templates/partials used in this render have
like this:

  • content_for(‘recipe_editor_tabs’ ) do
    = tabbed_navigator(RecipesController.send “new_tabs”)

That content will be used in place of the content specified in the else

Here’s what new_tabs and edit_tabs looks like.

def self.new_tabs
[tab(“Description”, :new_ingredient_path, :needs => [:recipe])]

This will likely abstract a little more as we add more views that need
tabbed_navigators, but I’ll hold off on that to see where the repetition
crops up.

‘tabbed_navigator’ helper takes the array of tabs and renders them as an
with links. Highlighting rules are currently done with a current_page?

tab(name, url_for_method, options) Returns a Hash with greater verbosity
possible defaults.

Right now this looks like the simplest way to do things. I looked a bit

And had some trouble installing it and using it.

Does anybody know of any other easy solutions to this issue?

What was the problem with the seesaw plugin? I was able to make it
work pretty much right away. (I know that’s not much help …)

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