Tab key traversal

Below is my attempt at changing the focus from one text control to the
next control after a person presses the tab key. The wxTE_PROCESS_TAB
style property has been selected for each of the controls. What
corrections do I have to make? Thanks.

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require ‘rubygems’
require ‘wx’
require ‘tp1.rb’

class MainFrame < TPSC
def on_init
m_scrolledwindow6.set_virtual_size(400, 100)
m_scrolledwindow6.set_scroll_rate(5, 5)

wxEVT_CHAR(@m_textCtrl2) { m_textCtrl3.set_focus }
wxEVT_CHAR(@m_textCtrl3) { m_textCtrl4.set_focus }
wxEVT_CHAR(@m_textCtrl4) { m_textCtrl4.set_focus }

evt_button(@m_buttonincrement) { increaseColour }

evt_button(@m_buttondecrement) { decreaseColour }

end do
self.app_name = ‘TestNotebook’
frame =

Sorry, I don’t really understand your question,
but if I got it right,
you expect that if you press tab key, then focus will move to next
to do so automatically, you simply have to put every control
in a panel. I am personally doing it in this order :
frame -> panel -> sizer -> control

Hope this help