Ta-lib port for ruby using swig

I was trying to SWIG onto the ta-lib .

the ta-lib is a collection of c functions for financial data analysis.


I was trying with one function.

the header

TA_RetCode TA_MA( int startIdx,
int endIdx,
const double inReal[],
int optInTimePeriod,
int optInMAType,
int *outBegIdx,
int *outNbElement,
double outReal[],

the c call:
Lets say you wish to calculate a 30 day moving average using closing
prices. The function call could look as follow:

TA_Real closePrice[400];
TA_Real out[400];
TA_Integer outBeg;
TA_Integer outNbElement;

/* … initialize your closing price here… */

retCode = TA_MA( 0, 399,
&outBeg, &outNbElement, &out[0] );

/* The output is displayed here */
for( i=0; i < outNbElement; i++ )
printf( “Day %d = %f\n”, outBeg+i, out[i] );


i was wondering how the typemap for the arguments in swig will look

             1>const double inReal[],
              2> int          optInMAType,
             3> int         *outBegIdx,
             4> int         *outNbElement,
             5> double       outReal[],

Any lead will be very helpful.

btw. i have all the docs rltd to swig and the pickaxe as well.


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