Syslog lib/module for remote logging


Hi All,

I need to log remotely win/*nix server logs to central *nix syslog
server. I search for ruby remote syslog but found none. There is syslog
in ruby std lib but i only see sample for local logging. Maybe i am
wrong, but i do not see any sample for remote logging.

Anyone already created a remote syslog client in ruby? [*]

thank you.
kind regards -botp

[*] eg, i can already capture win event logs using win32 eventlog. now i
need to send them to a remote syslog server…


You have to configure your logging server to accept remote logs. If your
source server is Unix, then it’s an easy config on the local side to
send to
a remote server. If your source is Windows, then you can send UDP
packets to
the remote side but it’s more work. Is that what you’re trying to do?