Sys-proctable 0.9.0


sys-proctable 0.9.0 has been released!

= What is it?

A library for getting process table information, i.e. information
about the processes running on your system.

= Is that it?

It also provides a Sys::Top class for getting the top X number of
processes, typically based on pctcpu.

= What’s New?

  • Bug fixes for BSD and OS X, including Snow Leopard
  • License changed to Artistic 2.0
  • Removal of separate FreeBSD code base. FreeBSD now uses the
    universal kvm/bsd code.

= How do I get it?

gem install sys-proctable

= Hey, that didn’t work!

You may need to specify the platform using the ‘–platform’ option.
See the wiki for more information:

= Where’s the source?


The Sys Utils Team