Syntax in Ruby 2.0

Hi everybody,

I’m starting learning Ruby for a couple of weeks now and I’ve heard that
Ruby 2.0 is in the making and maybe coming out this year. That brings me
to the following question:
Does anybody know if the syntax in Ruby 2.0 is going to change a lot or

Did some search in Google, didn’t found anything about it YET.
Hope you guys can help me with answer.

Thanks in advance.


On 5/9/07, Japh07 [email protected] wrote:

Thanks in advance.


So far there’s no Ruby 2.0, all we have is 1.9 and when the time
comes, it will become 2.0.
That means something of current 1.9 features will eventually go to 2.0.

For current state of 1.9 see:


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