Syntax Highlighter and Meta Tags Extensions

I recently posted about a Syntax Highlighter extensions
Now there is a Subversion repository for convenient access:

It is a very simple port of Alexander Jentz’s Code Behavior for Radiant
0.5. It uses the CodeRay engine. Unfortunately, at the moment it only
works if CodeRay is installed as a Gem and not as a plugin. If you
figure out how to run it when CodeRay is installed as a plugin, please
let me know.

The extension provides a single tag called <r:code> which should
surround the code you want to highlight. Additionally, you probably want
to generate yourself a CodeRay CSS file using the coderay_stylesheet
script that comes with the CodeRay gem.

If you use the <r:code> tag inside a Textile part you may need to wrap
it into a … tag to avoid escaping of the
generated formatting strings.

Also I have been working on a Meta Tags extension (tags as in Web 2.0)
for my modified version of Radiant. It is based on the
acts_as_taggable_on_steroids plugin modified to not conflict with the
Radius namespace. It currently does not work with stock Radiant, but it
is only the initialization code and one view that need to be adjusted.

If anybody wants to port it to stock Radiant, I am happy to help with
additional info. You can get it from:



Thanks for the contribution – I look forward to using the syntax