Syndicating multiple user feeds

Hello, sorry if this isn’t appropriate for this forum…

I’m sort of writing a blogger application where multiple users can
create their own accounts and then generate their own blogs with rss

I’ve generated an rss.rxml file to syndicate each user, but now I’m
wondering how to best syndicate each user…

I can’t set up a different feedburner account for each user, any idea
how to rock this out in rails or use some other service?


You can use ResourceFeeder plugin that generates RSS 2.0 and Atom
feeds. It is very easy to setup and use, it really rocks!

I have actually developed an application that is similar to yours, I
have a superclass that is common for all controllers that the user
interacts with your web app to produce html pages. The feeds related
controllers has its own superclass where I turn off session and do
things that are very specific to feeds.