Synchronizing Transmitters with the E100

Hi All, Sorry if this question has been asked before but I’m just trying
to get my head around the whole gnuradio/uhd/usrp thing.

I’m evaluating the E100 for a research project requiring multiple
transmitters. We were hoping that we could use gnuradio + USRP to get up
and running faster than building our own.

The E100 appealed to us because we’re looking for something that can run
headless. However, from what I can tell from reading the various
FAQs/PDFs/Wikis/Forum posts, there’s no indication that the E100 was
designed with MIMO in mind.

Just curious if anyone has any comments on this, or, more specifically,
how would you approach synchronizing multiple transmitters using the
E100. I see the PCB has unpopulated 1PPS and Ref CLK connectors. Maybe
these could be used?