Synchronized transmission with two USRP2s with independent ethernet port


We’ve achieved synchronized receving with two USRP2s with independent
ethernet port. I’ll report in another thread. Here we are beginning to
a MIMO transmitter. The question comes again regarding how to get the
samples to two USRP2 aligned. I tried to set the timestamp of metadata
in in order to schedule the transmit occasion. But it seems
doesn’t work. Still we are using external common 10MHz ref and 1PPS.

Thanks in advance.


I called sync_every_pps(), and set the timestamp of every frame to
999999999. Now I can align the transmitted samples when interporlation
higher than 10 but not for above. I guess this it is because the
datarate is
too high which the buffer on USRP2 can not accommordate. Am I right?
the size of the buffer for samples from host?


2009/9/23 Doug G. [email protected]