Synchronize blog with Ruby on Rails site?

Hello all,

I have the following problem:

*) I have a WordPress blog at site x
*) I have a Ruby on Rails site, y
*) I want to accomplish the following thing: If i post a blog entry into
my wordpress blog at x, (in category z), i want it to appear
automaticaly at y (in a blog which is… let’s say just a Ruby on Rails
something, or alternatively Typo or maybe WP)

Suggestions to tackle this problem?


Peter S. wrote:

Suggestions to tackle this problem?
The easiest thing to do would be to pull the RSS feed from the Wordpress
site every few hours (or however fast you want your updates to be) and
have y update itself. Feedtools is your friend here :slight_smile:

My first thought was to set up a couple of web services, but I like your
idea much better.

Charlie B.