Switchtower error


just upgraded to Switchtower 1.0.0 and am now getting the following
error when doing a ‘cold_deploy’ (i have just changed the domain name


servers: [“example.com”]
[example.com] executing command
** [out :: example.com] sudo:
** [out :: example.com] no passwd entry for app!
command finished
rake aborted!
command “sudo -u app
/var/www/vhost/example.com/htdocs/current/script/spin” failed on

note, i have removed my old ‘cold_deploy’ task so it should now be using
the new builtin (correct?)

do i have to provide a password in the deploy.rb script? hopefully not.



ok, read the docs and discovered you have to set either

set :use_sudo, false

or set the user that sudo runs at

set :spinner_user, ‘felix’

because if you don’t it defaults to the name of the app