Switchtower deploy error

I’m trying to deploy a rails app with no success.

I can execute: ‘rake remote_exec ACTION=setup’

but when I try to execute : ‘rake deploy’

I got this error:
loading configuration c:/ruby/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/switchtower-0.10.0
loading configuration ./config/deploy.rb
executing task deploy
transaction: start
executing task update_code
querying latest revision…
[update_code] transaction: rollback
[update_code] rolling back
executing “rm -rf /home/[my_user]/apps/[my_app]/releases/20060127192840”
servers: [“www.[my_server].com”]
Password: *******

processing command
[www.[my_server].com] executing command
command finished
rake aborted!
No such file or directory - svn log -q -rhead

But if I connect to my server with the same user I can execute the

svn log -q -rhead file:///home/[my_user]/repo/[my_app]/trunk

I can use tortoiseSVN no access my repo via svn+ssh

I change my shell to bash, with not success

Any clue?



SwitchTower won’t work with file:// repositories. The repository must
be accessible to both the local host, and the remote host.

Also, in your case, the error is due to the ‘svn’ executable not
being found on the remote host. Is svn installed on the remote host?
If so, is it in the path?

  • Jamis


The subversion is installed in the same server.

In the server (using the same user as I configure in deploy.rb) I can

svn log -q -rhead file:///home/[my_user]/repo/[my_app]/trunk

In the server the svn is in the PATH, also I added to the deploy.rb:

set :svn, “/usr/bin/svn”

with the same error

BTW, you said that “SwitchTower won’t work with file:// repositories”,
so I
have to change the url for some like svn+ssh?



I changed my repo to:

set :repository, “svn+ssh://[my_user]@[my_server]/[my_app]/trunk/”

This url is what I use in tortoiseSVN and works fine

but the error is the same:

No such file or directory - svn log -q -rhead

maybe the error is not related to SVN?

thx again

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