Switchpipe, la (future) solution mutu rails?


selon le site:
“almost any Web app becomes an “upload and run” process.”


commentaire de l’auteur Peter C.:

“Sorry to comment about my own work, but no, it’s not the solution.
It’s just a proof of concept. That said, it is “a” solution, and one
that is working extremely well on one of my live servers. I can do an
svn checkout of an app, and that’s it, it’s all working seamlessly
live. I can throw up apps built on Merb, Rails, Ramaze, etc, and not
have to worry about making separate annoying clusters for them, then
setting up special balanced proxying and monitoring arrangements here
and there. So… it’s a proof of concept, but it solves a problem if
you approach the problem the same way I do :slight_smile:
Thanks for your support!”

Bon au moins ça phosphore dur sur la question hosting en ce moment :


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