Switching muxed sinc sources

Hi, I would like to try the muxed source stream switching method since
the slector block is slow at switching between streams.

I read its possible to switch demux N value as a way to switch between
sources in a graph.

Has anyone got a good graph example of this working they could show me?

If Mux - demux does’nt work, how about a byte stream with small packets?
could I switch them? I looking for near zeo latency switching…

I have an built a RSSI with RMS & comparator using very narrow center
bandwidth from center frequency of each channel outputing 0’s or 1’s for
strongest channel in pairs.

I’m now looking for a fast way to switch the stream source dop out free
for diversity.

I get a short drop out in the complex signal routing with the selector

OK, found a faster way to switch streams off / on with blcoks although I
am sure there must be a better way !!

I am using ‘multiply constant’ block x 0 to switch stream off and x 1
for on!!

I would try the mute block but dont understand how the trigger works

Now I somtimes get a click in the stream but its better than a hudge
hole that the selector block was introducing.

I’m thinking a fast audio panner would avoid clicks and pops but then I
am running 2 x WBFM demods !

any better ways of doing this ?