Switching between simulated channels

I have been using GNURadio lately as a simulation library, kind of
expading SciPy for static analysis while making some real-time
analysis for parameter tweaks now and then. It’s working great.

However, I have a problem I would like to solve better: I have a
switching data input, where the same data comes from two slightly
different channels (a block diagram can be seen here:

I want to simulate this channel in GNURadio/Scipy so I can rapidly
test new approaches for normalizing the inputs. My first thought would
be to simply simulate both channels, record the data, interleave them
using standard python/scipy tools, and use the resultant vector as a

However, I believe there should be a better way to do this in
GNURadio. Is there any (out-of-tree?) “switching block”, which could
demultiplex a signal to two different channels at a fixed rate (or
according to the value of an input signal), and the dual “mux block”?

If there isn’t, I would love if anyone could guide on how to build a
block like this, or point to a similar block from which I could get
inspiration to build mine. BTW, this would be my first GNURadio block
which isn’t just a hierarchical block.


Oops… found this:

Looks like exactly what I was looking for. Still accepting tips, though.

2013/12/4 Aylons H. [email protected]: