SWIG typemap problem

hi all!

i have a problem using swig. I wrap the follwing c++ class using an
array typemap

// c++ class
class Foo {
void SetPoint(int id, const double x[3]);

// in .i file
%typemap(ruby,in) const double value[ANY] {
… convert ruby array in c++ array

i wrap this with swig i can use it it lin ruby ike that:
f = Foo.new
f.SetPoint(1, [3, 4, 5])

now i add another SetPoint (with other parameters) to the class Foo:
void SetPoint(int i);

Now wrapping it and using it in ruby as shown before results in an
(Message: No matching function for overloaded ‘Foo_SetPoint’)

How can this be?
Are there any known workarounds?

ps: it don’t want to change the c++ class

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