SWFUpload - IE 8 - prototype.js - give "Object doesn't support this property or method"

In Internet Explorer 8, I am getting the following error “Object
doesn’t support this property or method” at line 4821 of
prototype.js. The debugger stops at this line: var nodes = $

The page contains a Browse button from SWFUpload. It works fine in
Firefox and Chrome. I am following the example at

The other problem is that after I changed the name of prototype.js to
prototype.js.old to prevent it from loading, the problem remains.
The page still shows the error at this file. Where is the phantom
prototype.js. Passenger Phusion stores it? Apache? I run on Ubuntu

Please help. Thanks.

I meant the instructions at
did not help

I followed the instructions here to call jQuery.noConflict();
but that did not help.

Here is my js view: http://pastie.org/858075 . The debugger stops
at line 31 : google.load(‘jquery’,‘1.3.2’);

After I added at line 37 jQuery.noConflict(); , Firefox and Safari
also stop working. If I remove line 37, those browsers work but IE
never works regardless.

And here is where the error is in prototype.js: http://pastie.org/858091
. var nodes = $(element).getElementsByTagName(‘*’);

Please help. Thanks for your time.

Ah! I found the solution. Just the process of typing up the
questions here can be very helpful. I changed the version number
(‘jquery’,‘1.3.2’); to 1.4 , the latest. Now the browse button

There is still one error loading prototype.js (below). But it’s not

Message: Object doesn’t support this property or method
Line: 4621