SWFObject_helper Plugin

Some time posted a question here about any plugin for helper content
flash. I find the
Flashobject_helper plugin, but it uses the library flashobject
javascript to
embed the flash in html and sincerely think this library is horrible.

Then decided to make a helper to use swfobject that is the best
how to put flash content on your page and it still leaves
compatible with the W3C validators, in addition to allowing you
use the expressinstall to update the player to appropriate version.

Swfobject the future will be the standard way to add flash adopted by

The plugin is ok and ready to install using the line:
script/plugin install

To use the plugin is:
<% Swfobject_tag = “/ source / of / your / flash.swf”: div_id

Anyone who wants to access the page of the plugin on google code is: