Swf_fu in rails

Ok, this is my problem. I am trying to embed an .swf file into my
webpage using swf_fu. I installed the gem from my applications folder
and added the rake task install to my rake file as per the
instructions on the swf_fu page found here
I added the <% swf_tag “”%> erb line into my rhtml file but now when i
start the server and try to view the page it throws an swf_tag method
not found error. So my question is where did the install of swf_fu go
Obviously the gem/plugin did not get linked into my project
properly. I’ve also tried adding an require ‘swf_fu’ to my config
enviroment file but that did not help either although this fixed a
similar problem i had with will_paginate. Any help would be grately
appreciated or else im going to have to redisign my project for
javascript rather than using flash.

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