SVN r96 is out

This revision integrates a number of smaller community contributions
from Eric N., Wayne K., Jayme Edwards, and Seo S…

Patches 19708, 19745, 19746, 19748, 19749 from Wayne K.
Patch 19754 from Nobody (trivial fix for range error in
Patch 19230 from Eric N. (Time)
Patch 19004 from Jayme Edwards (File.expand_path)
And a patch from Seo that fixes some Mono build issues

There is also the long-awaited patch from Tomas that contains our first
pass at implementing eval(string) with binding support. This involved a
lot of effort from Tomas, as it is one of the most complex features in
the language. Congrats!

This revision implements Module.nesting, which was blocking a number of
specs from running. This revision now passes 2005/2961 (67%) of the

There are also a number of bug fixes in this patch as we start burning
down some of the bugs from Rubyforge: 19755, 19626, 19625.


Fantastic, Wayne! Thanks so much for staying on top of this. Will dig
through your new bug reports this morning.


Following the release of r96 I thought I’d summarize the current
progress status in attempting to execute setup.rb for Gems …

Executing setup.rb requires 89 separate ruby source files to be loaded.
(Many of these same files are also required by Rails).

Currently, IronRuby is able to successfully load 33 (37%) of those
source files.

The remaining 56 currently fail to load for the following reasons:

11 - Module::class_eval not implemented
10 - Regexp.initialize(String, Fixnum, String) not implemented [bug
8 - MemberAssignmentExpression not implemented
6 - Module::module_function not implemented
4 - Alias resolution problem [bug #19706]
4 - YAML not implemented
3 - Can’t inherit from Numeric [bug #19804]
3 - Syntax error relating to JumpStatements [bug #19803]
3 - Class.initialize() not implemented [bug #19805]
2 - Interrupt class not defined
1 - Module::extend_object not implemented

See for more
details of these issues.

Cheers, Wayne.

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