SVN & Capistrano

I have my svn repository set up locally and working properly. I
followed the instructions for local SVN deployment w/ capistrano
(Wolfmans Howlings
for-local-svn-access). I am able to connect to my server, however, it
doesn’t put anything in the releases folder. Why is this?

Also, in deploy.rb I set the repository to:

  • but what I don’t understand is where the trunk folder is. I created
    it setting up my svn repository but the only folders that appear in my
    myapp folder are - conf,dav,db,hooks,locks. I guess I don’t
    understand how all this works. It would be great if there was a
    tutorial for absolute beginners explaining every little step.

Hi Sean,

The files you mention are the db of svn - your development is stored
in this db (but obviously not visible as files). To access your
files, you need to check out a working copy, work on that, and then
commit your changes so it is stored in the db again.
I suggest you read the introduction on svn: