[survey] Cluster Analysis on Ruby Ecosystem

Dear Ruby Developer,

After mining the complete rubygems.org repository we performed some
network analysis and visualized the complete Ruby Ecosystem. We then
performed cluster analysis to see how the gems and developers are spread
throughout the ecosystem.

Are you interested to see what gems and developers we identified within
your cluster?

To know more about these identified clusters we would like to ask you
some questions by means of a survey. These questions are related to the
other gems and developers we found in your cluster.

The survey will be of great value to us and will only take you 5 minutes
of your time.

Please help us help the Ruby community. Knowing how the Ruby ecosystem
is characterized will help us to steer it into a more profitable one.

The survey can be accessed from http://www.ruby-research.com

We have attached a screenshot of a random (small sized) cluster. We are
looking for interesting patterns that emerge within various cluster

Please feel free to spread out this message as we are targeting +15,000

Developers who are interested in the forthcoming paper about this topic
can email us. Your input/feedback will be of great value to all of us.