Superclass mismatch for ActiveRecord::Base subclass

I am trying to figure out a superclass mismatch TypeError exception in
one of my rails projects. Maybe someone can help here. This occurs
when I am attempting to load a file. On the first load, everything is
fine, but on subsequent loads, it gives me this exception. Here is
the pertinent code.

in check.rb
class Check < ActiveRecord::Base

in drc.rb
class DRC < Check
def after_initialize = “DRC”
self.description = “Design Rule Check” = false

Then in a controller I load this file in on a specific action.

  load file
  c =

The first time I load there are no issues. It creates a new Check
object for me and saves it into the db. Now when I delete the check
from the db and try to run through this code again I get:

superclass mismatch for class DRC

I’m not changing the superclass for DRC. I’m not reading in a
different file. I’m not sure what is going on here. Any thoughts?