Super newbie question


Ok – new to programming in general and google isn’t helping with this
question because it’s too generic.

Basically, what is a Class? Is it the equivalent of the xhtml

line? Basically defining a piece of code so it can be called

I’m trying to get my hands around the basics and could really use a




There are A LOT or resources on google for this type of thing.

Try googling “oo programming” There are so many documents "Results 1

10* of about 2,900,000"

Or from a ruby (and therefore rails point of view)

Good Luck!!


You may find the following helpful:

Learn to Program (in Ruby)

Programming Ruby - The Pragmatic Programmer’s Guide



From one newbie to another…

The best (easiest to grasp and manipulate) explanation I have had is
that it is a mould (is that the right spelling) from which to make an
object. So a cup mould would produce cups. All the cups would be
largely the same (except that parameters could vary them slightly).

That is all a class is, as far as I know. Not a technical answer but
probably what you are looking for.



On Monday 28 Nov 2005 04:39, Hammed M. wrote:

You may find the following helpful:

Not forgetting “Why’s (Poignant) Guide to Ruby” - it’s madder than a
sack full
of badgers, but somehow also informative, a good introduction and fun


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