Sup 0.0.2 Released

sup version 0.0.2 has been released! Now, with IMAP support (thanks
_why!) and many bugfixes.

Sup is an attempt to take the UI innovations of web-based email
readers (ok, really just GMail) and to combine them with the
traditional wholesome goodness of a console-based email client.

Sup is designed to work with massive amounts of email, potentially
spread out across different mbox files, IMAP folders, and GMail
accounts, and to pull them all together into a single interface.

The goal of Sup is to become the email client of choice for nerds


== 0.0.2 / 2006-12-10

  • IMAP support

  • Better handling of broken sources. (Everything won’t just die.)

  • You will need to rebuild both your index, and sources.yaml.

About the last release, the sup/source.rb file is missing in this