Summer trainee position


Our research group is looking for a summer trainee to work with USRP
and Gnuradio related tasks. Our main application area is statistical
modeling and analysis of high power large aperture radar measurements.
We are currently working with inverse synthetic aperture radar,
incoherent scatter radar, space debris and meteor head echo

The job consists of C++ and and possibly FPGA programming for USRP and
USRP2. More specific details of the summer project can be negotiated
at a later time. There is also a possibility of expanding the work
into a masters thesis. Adding one or several of the following
buzzwords into your application is considered positive: gnuradio,
USRP, VHDL, C, C++, SSE, python, R, Linux, OS X, statistical inversion
and radar.

I guess one prequisite is that you have to move to Sodankylä (Finland,
160 km north of the Arctic Circle) for at least part of the summer.

For further details, contact Juha V…

Phone: +358404827774
E-mail: [email protected]
Juha V.
Sodankyla Geophysical Observatory
Tahtelantie 62
99600 Sodankyla