Summer Rails training courses from Ruby Power and Light, in Edison, NJ

Hi everyone –

A little bit of date and course shuffling has taken place, with the
following very pleasing results:

Ruby Power and Light will be offering the following courses, both held
in the training facilities of Exceed Education in Edison, NJ:

* Introduction to Ruby on Rails, July 21-24
* Advancing With Rails, August 18-21

(“Advancing” was originally announced for the first time slot; that’s
what’s been shuffled.)

You can get more info, and register for the classes, here: (Exceed Education’s site)

Here’s a quick word about the courses:

“Introduction to Ruby on Rails” is a four-day course, based on
development of a sample application with guided exercises and answers,
as well as lots of live code demos and presentations by the

“Advancing With Rails” is also four days long, and is designed for
people who have been using Rails for a while and want to add to their
toolset as well as get more deeply into both Rails and Ruby. Each
student works on his or her own project, and discussions and
troubleshooting of projects as they progress complements the
curriculum of advanced Ruby and Rails topics.

Both of these courses have been taught many times, in the US and
abroad, with great success. I will be the instructor for both courses.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!