Suggestions for streaming architecture

I am building new streaming architecture and I would like to ask you
sugestions. We will stream FLV and MP4, both using native nginx modules.

There is one storage server and 4 video streamers. Storage server
contains all the FLV and MP4 files. Streamers by default does not
contain anything (except configuration), but they have fast SAS drives
in RAID-0, what we can use for caching/mirroring/whatever.

Our goal is to move load from storage server to those streamers.

Because all the servers are on the same gigabit LAN, I can have any
setup I want. I see these three options:

 1. mount storage via NFS and stream files from this NFS
    (I have no idea how to setup caching/mirroring in this case)

 2. forward all the request to storage backend and use proxy_cache 

streamers (this will, however, cache also request with start=NN,
where NN>0, so I might have cache poluted with a lot of unusable
MP4/FLV files)

 3. use proxy_store; documentation says it is mirror on demand, but
    how to mirror only whole MP4/FLV files in this mirror-on-demand?

If there is any other possibility how to do this, please suggest.

Thanks for you suggestions


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