Suggestions for new RCR process

  1. I would like the website to show the mailing list archive for each
    RCR along with the RCR in the page, so that newcomers to the RCR can
    read the history of discussion about the RCR. (A list to an ‘archive’
    link would be sort of OK, but much better would be the body of all
    messages inline in the page.)

  2. For those users that have subscribed to the mailing list for a
    particular RCR, could you please add a link on the RCR page that is the
    address of the mailing list for that RCR? Unless I’m missing something
    about the site, if I lose all the messages for a particular list, I
    have no way of finding out the proper address. (Yes, it looks like the
    mailing list address algorithm currently isn’t hard to determine, but
    that still requires that I find an email from at least one of the

  3. [minor] I understand hiding the voting by default, letting each user
    make up his/her own opinion. However, as soon as I vote on an RCR, I’m
    interested in seeing how others have voted. Could you make the page
    display with voting as soon as I’ve voted?

  4. [minor] It would be nice to know if I’ve already voted for an RCR,
    and if so, what I previously voted. Could you make it so that if a user
    has already voted for an RCR, the page shows the old vote (“You
    previously voted: Strongly Opposed”) and change the “Vote!” button to
    “Change Vote!” (with or without the exclamation point ;).

Enjoying the fresh start and focused process,