Suggestions for a masters dissertation / thesis


I am thinking about ideas for my masters dissertation and am pretty sure
that I want to do something with Ruby on Rails. I am a RoR newbie but
pretty good with Java and J2EE.

Does anyone have any great ideas for a RoR-based dissertation?

I thought about doing one on ‘JEE5 vs Ruby on Rails’ where I develop two
identical prototype Web 2.0 style applications and compare the
frameworks using a pre-defined criteria such as ease of use, number of
lines of code, maintainability, helpfulness of user communities etc.

As long as I get to develop an application with Ruby on Rails I’ll be
happy but obviously I’ve got to do something appropriate for a masters
level dissertation.

Any suggestions would be most welcome.



From a quick review of Masters’ dissertation requirements, it appears
that the common requirements are that it must be based on a working
program and must have a practical application.

The JEE vs RoR sounds like a good candidate, provided it is well
thought out and the problem being solved is sufficiently practical.

Points to compare:

  • cost effectiveness of vertical scaling
  • cost effectiveness of horizontal scaling
  • product development cycle time
  • development cost
  • maintenance cost
  • ease of testing, and impact of testing on overall cost

I hope this helps.