Subversion support for RubyForge

Sorry to cross-post… but I figured folks here might be interested in

RubyForge now supports Subversion! Yup, at long last, we’ve got all the
pieces in place so that you can use either CVS or Subversion for your
version control.

  • You can see how it looks by poking around Curt H.’ RubyInstaller
    project, which we converted over last week:

  • To get your project switched from CVS to Subversion, please put a
    cvs-to-svn support request into the FIFO queue:

  • To start up a new project with Subversion as the version control
    system, just select it when you register the project.

  • Undoubtedly there will be some “opportunities for improvement” as
    folks convert over; as always, we appreciate your feedback and your

Thanks to Curt H. for helping to troubleshoot this new feature!


Tom C.
Rich Kilmer
The RubyForge admin team

Also, I blogged about it here: