Hi all,

I need to create functionality to access svn repository in my
application. I tried subversion-ruby gem (which is very poorly
documented) and succeeded partially. As basic operation I need to
perform ‘svn list’. I made to perform svn
list on local copy but failed to make the same on remote. btw. I based
on unit tests here:
asf - Revision 1911313: /subversion/trunk/subversion/bindings/swig/ruby/test

Does anybody know how to do this? Or know where is any documentation
for this gem? Or know about any other useful gem to operate on svn
repos (with documentation please)?


gem install svn_wc

svn_wc - svn_wc provides programmatic access to basic svn functions,
utilizing the Subversion Ruby Bindings, exposing their functionality in
a simplified way

Hi David,

thanks for info. I see that you are author of gem. I will test
functionalities in next days. For now I see in docs, that there is
nothing about svn properties. Do you have any tips about it?