Submitting form_remote_tag with text button?

I’m trying to submit a form_remote_tag using a text link, but tell the
form to submit with javascript seems to try and submit the form
without using AJAX.

The reason I need to use text links is that they need to underline on
hover. I’ve style the submit buttons to look like text links, but
they don’t have the ability to underline on hover.

Any idea on how to use a text link to submit a form_remote_tag?


I don’t have the time to check the details myself,
but have a look at the generated html. You’ll find, that
fom_remote_tag generates an onsubmit event handler
for the form.
Either take that code or invoke the onsubmit event.
(I would have thought that happens, when you call form.submit,
but never trust javascript :wink: