Subdomain query

When working with my app with subdomain support (with plugin
account_location), I have following issue: From the main domain, user
can register (with information about subdomain). After successful
register, the app will log user in and forward to corresponding
subdomain. The problem here is that after redirecting, all session
data get lost (i think because the subdomain is considered another
website from the main domain), so I can’t retain info about newly
created data.
Is there any solution to this problem? I think that if I use db for
session store, I can get session data from db, but I want a generic

I’m not sure about RoR, but I expect the following applies… certainly
using PHP or JSP there is a scope higher than session scope and that is
application scope - application scope variables are accessible by any
website regardless of sessions as long as the browser remains open.

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hi can anyone tell me this thing

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hi can anyone tell me this thing

You need to ensure that the session cookie is set to for, not
You can probably change this with
ActionController::CgiRequest::DEFAULT_SESSION_OPTIONS, but i don’t
have the details to hand.