Subdomain Fu Routing Question


I’m having some difficulty with Subdomain Fu (or my app, not to
falsely accuse). I have two controllers: home and account_root. I want
the home controller to be used whenever someone goes to
and I want account_root to be used if someone goes to I set up the following routes:

map.account_root ‘’, :controller => ‘account_root’, :conditions =>
{ :subdomain => /.+/ }
map.root :controller => ‘home’

This is similar to what was done in episode 123 of RailsCasts. The
problem is that the condition doesn’t seem to be working. Regardless
of what URL I go to, I always get sent to the account_root controller.

Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong?


After banging my head on this same issue I found this:

The fix for me was to install it as a plugin in my Rails app, not as a