Subdev args for LF-TX

Hi I am using a usrp1 populated with 2LF-RX and 2LF-TX daughterboards.

I am trying to learn how to use this hardware with the ‘new’

I am trying tx_waveforms. Using --subdev A:A or B:A I can select the two
daughterbords. But how can I select a single output on either of the 2

I always get signals on both outputs of either board - irrespective of
wether I specify --subdev A:A, A:B or A:AB



On 05/04/2013 01:22 PM, Wolfgang Buesser wrote:

wether I specify --subdev A:A, A:B or A:AB

Well, we should be driving zeros into one of the DACs inputs:

Are you setting a non zero center frequency? There is no CORDIC in the
usrp1 TX chain, so if you set a center frequency, the DAC would actually
perform the mixing, and you would see something on both outputs.