Subclasses with inherited_resources?

I’m trying out inherited_resources and so far so good. However, one
problem I’ve run into is that it’s very difficult to customize
inherited_resource behaviour in subclasses. Looking through the
source I see it uses things like undef_method and class_attribute.
For example, if I have the following controllers:

class ItemsController
actions :new, :create

def create
# custom stuff here


class VideoController < ItemsController
actions :new, :create, :show

videos controller will not respond to /show because
inherited_resources undefined it in ItemsController. One thing I
tried was to call inherit_resources again at the top of
VideoController, so it reloads all of inherited_resources default
actions, but also over-writes the custom :create action in

Am I overlooking something or is IR not supposed to be used for
inheritance like this?