Sub query issue with active record

i can manage the MySQL queries into active record.but in some cases
basically with sub-queries.i didn’t get the correct output.
here when i trying to change the MySQL queries into active-record.

MySQL Query

select count() from ( SELECT transactions.loyalty_id FROM transactions
JOIN loyalties ON (transactions.loyalty_id = where
loyalties.created_at > ‘2011-11-02’ GROUP BY transactions.loyalty_id
COUNT()>1 ) as t

Here just i tried to convert into corresponding active record queries.
i didn’t get the correct output.

Transaction.count(:loyalty_id) , :joins=> [“JOIN loyalties ON
(transactions.loyalty_id =” ] , :conditions =>
["loyalties.created_at > ? ",cdate], :group=>
:having=> ["count(
) > 1 "] )*

How to change that issue?

Modify your query to

loyalties = Transaction.count(:loyalty_id , :joins=> :loyalties,
:conditions => ["loyalties.created_at > ? ",cdate], :group=>
[“transactions.loyalty_id”], :having=> ["count(*) > 1 "]

loyalties contain OrderedHash. Now do loyalties.count to get actual
count of filtered loyalties and that matches with your raw sql output.

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