Sub domains

This is a implementation question. I have to do my rails application
as a SaaS application. So the working is like a general site will be
there say
. Suppose a user say user1 registers to use this service. So in the
registration page there is a text box to select the unique url And he
chose it as After he clicks save he is redirected to
My first question is how this situation is handled in rails I am
working in linux.

  This user is now onwards responsible for creating other users etc.

So he is the super user of site1 Similrly when next user comes it is
site2 etc…

My second question is is this be seperated in to an admin name
space?Why i am asking this is after login all users whtrger they are
admin or normal user redirect to a dashboard which is the home
page.There certain links will be availabe to admin or the staff which
are given permission to do so from admin.

I am just starting the application. Please guide me through the
proper railsway


I would resolve it by redirecting to instead. This
you are able to use the {site} part of the url as a controller

I hope this helps.

2010/1/18 Tom M. [email protected]

I am just starting the application. Please guide me through the
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Oliver Hernà ndez Valls

Check this out Tom, I think it could be helpful:

Thanks for your reply. The link given by Elias is very
useful.Thnaks. Since I am a beginner I would like to get some detailed
links like this but use with authlogic. A step by step guide. Exactly
what i am searching is basecamp style subdomain creation and using it
with authlogic .I am planning my application in a saas style. Could you
please point me to any such links or railscasts?